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Intuitive Love

Consciously choosing moment to moment your vibrational state

Physical tools are very effective and useful for creating in the physical realm. 

Intuitive Love tools are effective and useful for creating in the energy realm in a way that's fun, playful and creative!

This is what I call "laying the energetic groundwork" for your success.


“Working with Jodie has been one of the greatest gifts of this past year.

Sexuality has always been a big part of my life since the time I was little, but the shame and the guilt about sexuality has also been prominent in my life, especially as I got older. 

Several months ago I was feeling completely depleted. My energy was low, my sex drive was low, my excitement for life in general was low. Everything felt like it was flatlining. And then Jodie appeared :)

Her energy was so infectious, I wanted to work with her no matter what. The fact that she was a sexuality coach was just the cherry on top. 

As we started to work together, things began shifting. My sex drive came back. My relationship with my partner deepened. My relationships with everyone deepened, actually. 

My anxieties about life shifted into curiosities about life. My abundance has increased. My joy has increased. My play has increased!

Every time Jodie and I have a session I feel like I'm a new version of myself. One step closer to the authentic version of who I really am without all this socializing and programming on top. 

Jodie is nurturing and loving and her intuition and inner knowing is on point. She blows me away every session with her insight and always offers me interesting perspectives that I hadn't considered before. 

She is teaching me to love my shame and my guilt and all of my "negative" emotions, and I truly feel that I am a more complete being as a result of her coaching.”


“Before working with Coach Jodie I felt as though I was a fountain with only a trickle to drink. My partner would come for hydration, and was not able to be quenched. I was unable to feel pleasure fully. And for this, we both suffered.

I was holding on to so much shame and insecurity. I did not know if this deep issue would be the demise of my marriage.

After working with my Erotic Blueprint Coach I am an empowered sexual being! My sex life is better than I could ever imagined. I now know what my turn-ons are and  have the ability to articulate this to my partner. Learning about the blueprints explained so much for me! I can not thank Coach Jodie enough for her life-changing work!

I was getting choked up writing this. Thanks for helping me Jodie!


“I always had a hard time processing emotions.  I would shut down the emotions or push them away and NEVER welcome them. With sex and sexuality, I knew that there was more that I wanted to learn because I essentially only knew what society portrays in the media. 

The first session with Jodie she helped me work through an emotion that I was struggling with.  After that I decided to work with Jodie and do the VIP weekend and it has truly been transformational.

There are three main things Jodie has helped me with. The first has been learning and understanding more about sex and sexuality. The Second one is that together we  take my new knowledge and brainstorm ways I can present them to my partner.   The third has been WELCOMING any emotions that appear and work through them with the help of Jodie’s strategies and techniques.

I highly recommend Jodie!”




Jodie Newell


Jodie was a free spirit and outsider since she was a child.  On a Soul Level, she came into life with a mission to stop generational incest in her family line.  She accomplished that mission along with the deep healing needed to nurture her body, mind and spirit from the brink of PTSD, suicide, major depression, severe anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia.  
From her perspective, these experiences were all gifts, ones that she rejected for decades only to embrace them when she realized that she always had the power within her to change, consciously, moment to moment, any perceived negative thought, experience, feeling or emotion.  
In 1990 she graduated with a BA in Social Work, which she utilized for 9 years until her past caught up with her and the emotions that came with it. 
She surrendered to it all, had a talk with God and was inspired to move overseas where she lived and worked for 5 years as an ESL teacher. 
Her life radically changed when an acupuncturist suggested she do something about her emotions, leading to a magnificent journey to unconditional love and happiness. 
She found instantaneous healing of her panic attacks through hypnosis and got certified as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner in 2011. 
She became a Reiki Master in 2016 and a certified Erotic Blueprints Coach™  in 2017. 
In 2020, she completed training as an Avatar® Master.  
Jodie loves to go on nature walks, do yoga, hang out with her family, bake cookies and study anything that interests her like Earthing, rebounding, coloring, blowing bubbles, laughing, traveling to new places, taking naps, painting her nails and just having as much fun as she possibly can, moment to moment.


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